Avocados are mostly consumed fresh as a salad fruit. However, in Viet Nam avocado mostly used as juice by grinding the flesh and mixing with milk giving a nice taste of a kind of a drink.
In Vietnam, avocados are mainly grown in the highlands (in Lam Dong province) and in the Mekong Delta areas.

Fruiting season:
Almost all year round although there are peaks of production in certain months (March to July) when there are good rainfalls and temperatures.


Style: fresh fruit

Grade : A
Size : 3 item/kg ~ 300-350 g

  4 item/kg ~ 240-260 g
Colour : green
Variety : fuerte
Protein : 2.1%
Minerals : 1.32%
Fat: : 26%
Cultivation type : common
Packing : 5 kg in corrugated carton
  as buyer’s request

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