Item No: SW-CF-SP
Use: Cattle, Horse, Pig, Camel, Sheep, Goat etc 
Original: Vietnam 

Our Squid Powder is obtained from the meat of freshly caught wild squid. Only the best parts of the fish are used.

The squid is cooked aans dehydrate. The powder is then micronied and packaged. Strict quality control is applied at every prodution stage.

This Squid Powder is a natural raw material used in the food industry for different applications like: Broths and soups, Sauce bases, ready made dishes, noodles and instant rice, aromas and seasoning, child nutrition.


      1. Squid powder 

+100% Natural & No pollution
+Nutrition supplement;Feed additives
+Prompt delivery

2. Pure squid powder 

the Ingredient of the green type: (unit 100g contains)
protein 35% minimun
Protein ≥35%
fat ≤12%
moisture ≤12%
impurities ≤10%

 + Production process:
High temperature curing, sterilization, oil separation, drying, cooling, packaging, warehousing.

+The characteristics :

(1)pure natural, love is dye-in-the-wood. With leading technology of high temperature and high pressure cooking and extract the fresh aroma of meat, squid has a strong smell of meat, squid, do not contain the ingredient such as salt, monosodium glutamate,
High concentration, high nutrition, genuine materials. Using pure natural squid meal, can make the natural squid soup meat more get more strong.

 (2) advanced technology, using high temperature curing, sterilization, oil separation, through dry concentrated form.

 (3) green raw materials, the use of real meat, squid as raw material, nutrition has a natural advantage.

 (4)rich nutrition and easy to use. Protein content as high as 35% above products, powder products save and easy to use, without being limited by the amount and temperature.

 (5)have a strong fishy smell, is the upscale aquatic product feed attractant must be added.

  +Package: 20-40 kg Plastic woven sack packaging.

We alway supply Squid Powder with large quantity, high quality and competitive price. If you are interested in our product please don’t hesitate to contact us. I am Hanah – export executive of Hang Xanh International Co.,Ltd willing to work with your company.

Best regard!

Website: http://hxcorp.com.vn/
Tel: (84.8) 3840 0175
Email: sales9@hxcorp.com.vn
Skype: tuyenle841


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